Marketing: a Facebook Experience

I have been on Facebook for sometime now, so it seemed reasonable that I try their adverts to try and garner a greater interest in my books. I composed and advert with the intention of selling more copies of my epic fantasy, The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom. I dropped the price to $0.99. I set my budget to £20 and the advert to run over 4 days.

Marketing: Time for a Review

My marketing exercise has passed its expiration point. I had set it to run from 10 - 14 February. The point of the exercise was to broaden my readership by offering the book, The Devil Within Us, for free. I paid for a promotion run with Just Kindle Books and arranged for the book to be free to download on the dates specified above. I invested $48 in the scheme.

Bring it on, 2021

Writing and everything associated with it is going to be at the forefront for me, but other creative projects are also in my future. Instead of bemoaning the current state of affairs in both the country and the larger world I am going to exploit the opportunities on offer.


As promised I have now immersed myself in the world of marketing. One of my first ideas was ROGOF! This superb and totally original idea is very simple: Review One and Get One Free! I have struggled to get the numbers for reviews of my books to equal the number of sales said books have … Continue reading ROGOF

A Marketing We’ll Go

As I come to the end of writing my latest novel I cannot help but return to the subject that I like least and yet what I was considering at the beginning of the year; marketing. As previously mentioned in earlier blogs, I have dabbled with marketing, but not enjoyed any great success. In fact, I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed the experience. It does seem, however, to be an absolutely necessary requirement in my ongoing quest for a greater readership and an increase in the awareness of my work.