Not a New Year’s Resolution

The holidays are over, and it is the start of a new year. I have never seen the point of making resolutions simply because the calendar has changed to a new page. I believe that resolutions should be made as and when necessary. I have not made a New Year’s Resolution, but I have determined … Continue reading Not a New Year’s Resolution

Free Books, Free Marketing!

If anyone has been following my blog recently then they will know that I have been giving my books away for free recently. Thanks to a glitch at Kindle Direct Publishing I had to start with Mesozoic although I was trying to run my books in order. Only a small gripe though. I followed my … Continue reading Free Books, Free Marketing!

Launching ‘The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom’

I spent some time looking at that old bugbear marketing before I officially released The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom. I decided to utilise one of the recommendations regarding doing a book-launch. It was a very simple idea; give the book away for free. The eBook market is saturated. Thanks to fifty Shades of Grey … Continue reading Launching ‘The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom’