Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham

I found it rather difficult to empathise with the protagonist, Philip Carey. This made getting to the end of a rather long novel somewhat tedious, but I persevered. I am not sure if it was worth the effort even though this book is considered to be Maugham's masterpiece. Carey is not the kind of person … Continue reading Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham

Is it worth it?

I have come to the end of publishing For Rapture of Ravens chapter by chapter on this blog. I started with The War Wolf and my hope was to inspire some discussion of my work, but to date that has failed. I have not received a single comment. At this point I am not planning … Continue reading Is it worth it?

The War Wolf: Read and Discuss 15

This was also the first meeting between Mildryth and Edwin and it begins quite nervously. Through it I hoped to suggest some of the nervous excitement and anxiety that many of the people in the city might be feeling. There was a long history of conflict between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings of course, and they were so closely matched that it was not possible to foretell the outcome.

The War Wolf – Let’s Read and Discuss 03

In 1066, King Harold of England faced two enemies, Duke Guillaume of Normandy and King Hardrada of Norway. Both had only weak claims to the English crown but it appears that Harold underestimated Hardrada and, coincidentally, the thirst for vengeance of his own brother, Tostig Godwinson. King Harold spent the summer watching the movements of … Continue reading The War Wolf – Let’s Read and Discuss 03