If the World were like Dubrovnik!

I did not get to make a blog post last week as I was in Dubrovnik on a family holiday. It was my second visit to the city, the first being about 3 years ago when our cruise ship called at the port. This time we got spend a little longer and very much appreciated … Continue reading If the World were like Dubrovnik!

Getting My Travelling Legs Back

I consider it a milestone in my recovery from foot surgery that I recently managed to take a short holiday. It was the reason for me posting late again. My wife planned a visit to both London and Paris spread over a week. I have to admit that I was not sure if I was … Continue reading Getting My Travelling Legs Back

Travels and Disability

Once again I find that life gets in the way of the things that I want to do, like writing for instance. Of course I had no intention of getting so distracted but it happened anyway. There is always an element of opportunity in these things; however, you just have to be canny enough to spot it when it is there.