Aldfrid was filled with a new certainty himself. When first he had seen Eawyn he had been stunned by her beauty. He had had his moment of doubt as to whether this young woman of such quality would even notice him, but she had. With confidence, he took her hands and pulled her a step … Continue reading

Where am I up to?

I am aware that I have not posted much about my chief occupation, which is writing, but that is probably because I have not done much writing lately. This is not a matter of choice on my part, but the result of circumstance. In an earlier post I recounted how I had spent my time … Continue reading Where am I up to?

Bring it on, 2021

Writing and everything associated with it is going to be at the forefront for me, but other creative projects are also in my future. Instead of bemoaning the current state of affairs in both the country and the larger world I am going to exploit the opportunities on offer.

The Question of Euthanasia; too Tricky?

I will be honest from the start; I support voluntary euthanasia. That said, I am not interested in writing a polemic on the subject. I cannot see too many people being interested in that approach. I want to write a serious book that looks at euthanasia in the form of a consideration of the arguments both for and against. Obviously, I will be tending towards one side rather than the other, but my plan is to do so sympathetically. It will not be a tub beating exercise.