When I first started with Wordpress it was just with the intention of using it for a blog. In fact, I was quite happy with it in that respect. I have my own website at https://www.petercwhitaker.co.uk/, which I have been maintaining for a few years. I used Serif WebPlus to design the pages and upload them. It worked very well. Recently, Serif announced that they would no longer be supporting WebPlus. I spent time looking for alternative, but to be honest no one seems to be doing anything of this kind anymore.

I am not a computer programmer or anything of that sort. I have used Dreamweaver in the past, but I have forgotten most of it. I know that I could learn it again I suppose, but the truth is that I do not really want to. I have so many other things that I want to do with my time. That was one of the things that I liked about WebPlus, it was WYSIWYG based. There is a facility for writing HTML if you wish, but I do not wish. Fortunately, my website is pretty basic. I use it mostly to advertise my books and link to Amazon.

Prompted by the demise of WebPlus I had another look at Wordpress. I read several posts in some computer forums that suggested that it was the only viable alternative. They assured me that it was also easy to configure. Suitably misinformed I decided to give it a try and spent most of Saturday trying to develop a website that I actually liked.

Okay, if I had paid for a plan then I probably could have experienced a little less pain, but I am already paying for my address name and hosting for my original site. I really did not want to take on more expense to run two similar websites. So, I was stuck with the free themes and had to work my way through them. It was not as easy as I had been led to think. I found some themes that some of the things I wanted, but not other bits; they were on another theme. Basically, the one I have settled on, Hemingway Rewritten, is a compromise. It has most of what I want, and the least of what I do not want.

That was never a problem with WebPlus. Ho hum!

Still, beggars cannot be choosers, apparently. I have decided to make a go of it. I can see a time when I will probably have to give up on my own site, as technology marches on and WebPlus becomes ever more obsolete, but it is not this day. I will persevere with WordPress in the hopes that either I will discover a more practical alternative to WebPlus or I will get rich and I can afford to pay someone else to do it all for me!